Monday, 22 Apr 2024

The Secrets to Making the Perfect Steak

Cooking a steakhouse-quality steak is a feat that not a lot of people can master. Although there are a lot of ways to cook a steak, there is only one right method. Would-be cooks can get close when it comes to finding the right seasoning and getting the heat at the right temperature, but there is always a missing step in the process.

A Montreal steakhouse can pull off the perfect steak it is well-seasoned and knows specific skills that bring them to making your favorite delicious dishes. But, it is not always possible to go to a steakhouse so you must cook steak at home. For this rare occasion, you must know the secrets to make the best steaks. Here are some tips to make the magic happen:

Choose the Right Cut

The best steak stems from the origins of the beef. If you want to create a dish that you would find on a steakhouse menu, don’t get the cut from the grocery store. While grocery store cuts are still steak, they won’t let you make the most of your money. The best beef cuts are available from a local butcher who may also give you expert advice if you need one. The butcher can guide you through the meat selection process so you can get the right steak for your dinner.

Use the Best Spices and Seasoning Salts

The restaurant Rib’N Reef makes your steak flavorful by using the best spices and seasoning salts. This ensures your steak has the best zing when it comes off of the flame. Mix it up and cook the meat with various ingredients. You can spice up steak during the preparation process by using herbs, butter, and fresh garlic. You can add thyme and rosemary while the steak is cooking to add background flavor to the meat subtly without overpowering it. Some people opt to improve the flavor and tenderize meat with marinade. A coating of honey and mustard or balsamic vinegar will reduce down to a sweet glaze.

Know the Right Temperature

You must cook your steak at room temperature for the best flavor. With this method, your steak can retain all of its natural juices and prevent it from drying out. You can turn your steak over more than once as long as you don’t overcook it in the process. Consider investing in a cooking thermometer to ensure you get your medium-rare steak cooked at 140 degrees F.