Sunday, 21 Apr 2024

Top Ways To Tell if You Need To Remove a Tree

Trees are a wonderful addition to the landscape of your home, providing shade, oxygen and beauty. When trees age, however, they can become brittle or diseased. This can cause damage to your home if the tree ends up falling over. Here are some signs that a tree needs to be cut down before it harms you or your property.

Branch Loss

If you notice large branches falling from a tree, it may be time to call tree removal services Hamilton County OH. The tree is trying to protect itself by transferring energy to the healthy parts of the tree. Sizable branches can land on your car or house, causing expensive damage.


Mushrooms growing at the base of a tree can be a sign of a dying tree. Keep an eye out for other signs that may mean you need to cut the tree down before it tips over into your yard.

Storm Damage

High winds and rain can place a lot of stress on trees. Signs that damage has occured can include exposed roots, a cracked trunk or missing limbs. Have a tree removal professional come and inspect the destruction after a storm. They can determine if the tree only needs to be trimmed up or completely removed.

Root Rot

When dips start appearing in your yard, it can be a sign of root rot. The divots will also be covered by mushrooms that are trying to decompose the dying matter below the ground. Weak roots can lead to a tree that falls over easily in a high wind.

Protect your home and your property from damage caused by falling trees when you take the time to inspect your trees for signs of decay. Prevent extensive repairs by choosing to cut down the weak tree before it falls over.