Sunday, 16 Jun 2024

Travelling International? Don’t Forget to Earn Some Miles

Planning an international trip soon? Have you budgeted for it yet? Wait, don’t overlook the power of miles when you plan your next tour. Mentioned in this post are keyways to earn miles when travelling abroad. Keep reading.

International trips can be expensive. From flight costs to hotel stays or even renting a cab, you would need to budget well in advance depending on where you are travelling to. One thing that can reduce your overall travel budget by a huge margin are miles that you can earn at every step of the way. All you have to do is join a reliable travel loyalty program and never lose an opportunity to earn those miles. Let’s look at some keyways you can earn miles on your international trip.

Miles on Hotel Stays

When you travel abroad, hotel costs can form a major part of your travel budget. However, you can reduce the overall cost by earning some miles on your hotel bookings. All you have to do is book hotel accommodations that partner with your travel program. A few travel programs have partnered with a wide range of hotels across the world to make it easier for you to accumulate miles.

Miles on Tour Packages

Many travellers outsource their international tour planning to travel companies that prepare the entire itinerary, including hotel stays, meals, experiences, and even flights. Check with the program you have signed up for and see if they have any partners in their list that can organise tours for you. Not only can you earn a considerable amount of miles, but tour packages also relieve you off the stress of planning your entire trip.

Miles on Cab Rentals

When you’re abroad, you’ll mostly have to rely on renting cabs to get around the city and country. Some renowned car rental companies such as AVIS, Hertz, etc., have partnered with travel loyalty programs that help you earn some miles for booking your cabs through them. Moreover, you can also enjoy some discounts rolled out by your travel loyalty program regularly.

Miles on Your Credit Card

Whether it is paying for your shopping or hotels or any other thing, a credit card is going to be your best friend when you travel abroad. If you have the right credit card, you can earn a good amount of miles every time you transact using the card. If you don’t own a credit card yet, this might be a good time to enrol for one. Choose a co-branded credit card that partners with your travel loyalty program to maximise your mile earning potential.

Miles on Your flight tickets

Saving the best for the last, one of the best ways to earn miles is undoubtedly by booking your flight tickets. However, if you are a part of an airline loyalty program, you’ll be restricted to just a few airlines that can grant you miles on your tickets. A few travel loyalty programs let you earn miles from across airlines, making it easier for you to accumulate miles in your account. These miles are based on the distance of the flight and the ticket cost. Make sure you check the miles you stand to earn before you book your tickets. All you have to do is visit the international flight booking websites that let run a mile program for booking your tickets.

While an international trip can be an expensive affair, miles help you reduce the impact of high prices. These miles earned can be used currency next time when you wish to book flight tickets, hotel stays or even gift some to your friend and family. Moreover, being a member of the program, you stand a chance to get complimentary lounge access at airports that can make your journey smoother and more luxurious.