Saturday, 13 Apr 2024


a UBIQUITOUS PHENOMENON: Believe it or not, the phenomenon known as online training has attained such ubiquitous proportions and is hit with a resonating reality that no right-thinking person can ignore. It is important to understand this salient fact. Online training, the opposite of traditional physical classroom learning situations, is a current reality of our rapidly changing times which we must either adapt to or be phased out. Indeed, as the quest for knowledge, information and other indices of development continue unabated, the reality of learning online will sink with greater impact. The earlier civilization understood this. The better positioned it will be to maximize its potential. What is online training? Online training, is also called Computer Based Training (CBT). Distance Learning, or E-training, is a method of passing and receiving instruction through the internet. It involves a variety of multimedia elements – graphics, audio, videos, and web links that can be accessed on a user’s internet browser. Through the concept of online training, anyone with access to the internet from any part of the globe can receive just about any type of instruction, formal or informal, simple or sophisticated – using a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. Yes, through this concept, even the most technical of the vast fields of human learning has been redefined. An excellent example is the field of aviation. Welcome to the world of Online Aviation Training.

AT THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG: A few decades ago, for example, imagining learning a highly technical course as Aviation Maintenance online, would have been considered far-fetched, if not totally impractical. No more. We live in times when online learning/training has made this, and a host of other tougher stuffs practical realities. Experts believe that even with the breathtaking milestones we have achieved while exploring the possibilities of online learning, we are still just at the tip of the iceberg. This may sound rather extreme. In reality, however, it isn’t. There’s still a long way to go. The flexibility and latitude offered by online learning have heightened interest, albeit subtly, in several otherwise intimidating fields of human endeavor. This is good news for we can expect deeper inquests into knowledge as logical outcomes. It’s already happening in the field of Aeronautics. Both in the United States and across the world, aerospace enthusiasts are increasingly leveraging Online Aviation Training options to advance their careers while taking culture and civilization to new heights. These people understand the reality of online training. Here’s the challenge: “We are still at the tip of the iceberg, we need to embrace the reality to fast track the journey to the full possibilities”. And it isn’t just in the field of Aeronautics.

NOW, THE PROS: Of course, the online approach to any training you are considering to upgrade yourself or your career has a lot of benefits. As you prepare for Online Aviation Training, here are some of the pros for you. Greater flexibility in scheduling your work. You get an amazing latitude to learn at your own pace. Less spending compared to the traditional classroom. You create your customized learning environment. You are better self-motivated. You gain technical savvy. You have easier access to a wider range of learning resources and your critical thinking skills improve.