Monday, 22 Apr 2024

Year Round Home Cleaning Guide

Spring cleaning always seems like a great idea until you realize how much work you’re trying to cram into just a couple of weekends. A better plan is to make a year-round cleaning list, spreading the onerous chores out over each month.

January – March

Start the new year by sorting through paperwork. Once the old year is over, some of your documents can be shredded and others filed. Put all bills, receipts and insurance papers in the correct place. Since it’s cold outside, February is an ideal time to clean out your pantry and throw away old food. If you’ve been holding on to Christmas nut mixes or fruitcakes, toss them. Contact carpet cleaning services Portage MI in March to clean out built-up dirt in your rugs.

April – June

The spring months make a great time to tackle some of the outdoor activities and maintenance updates. Clean out your garage before it gets too hot (unless your spring is snowy and then switch this job to later in the year). Wash windows and screens. Before summer hits, get your appliances serviced. Don’t get caught with a broken A/C when the hot weather arrives.

July – September

Washing bedding is a chore and usually involves a trip to the dry cleaners or laundromat. Schedule this when kids are at camp or visiting grandparents. Before youngsters return to school, hold a reverse fashion show where every item in the closet gets tried on and then donated if ankles, wrists or bellies are visible. Wipe down the walls in September to prevent dust build up.

October – December

During the cold months, wash or vacuum drapes and dust all those hard-to-reach light fixtures. (Change out bad bulbs.) Keep December chores simple by cleaning out your sink drains with baking soda and vinegar to prevent gunky build-up, just in time for holiday visitors.

Getting to each chore once a year is more important than when it actually happens. Customize this list as needed according to your family schedule. Start at any time during the year.