Monday, 22 Apr 2024

3 Best Ways To Create Commercial Curb Appeal During the Winter

If you own a small business, you already know that curb appeal is important. It creates an inviting atmosphere for your customers and reassures them that your business is professional and organized. In the winter, it can be a challenge to create good curb appeal, but it can be done. Here are three great outdoor upgrades that take your business’ curb appeal to the next level during the winter months.

  1. Maintain Parking Areas

Remember that the parking areas and walkways around your business have a major impact on how your business looks. In the winter, you need to be especially mindful of the effects of freezing and thawing on the paved areas that you and your customers use when coming to your business. Potholes and other areas of damage need to be addressed immediately for both cosmetic and liability reasons. Professional pothole patching Granger IN brings your parking lot up to a safe standard that your customers will appreciate.

  1. Install Quality Lighting

Since the days of winter are short, one update that has a big impact is the installation of outdoor lighting. You need to be sure that your business is well-lit, even if it’s not open at night. Install new lighting in key spots like the parking lot, walkways and all entry ways to your business. Choose fixtures that work with LED bulbs for the brightest, most energy-efficient illumination.

  1. Add Winter Landscaping

In the winter, using landscaping to create visual interest for your commercial property is especially effective. There are plenty of plants that bloom during the winter, adding color to an otherwise drab landscape. If you have planter boxes or flowerbeds that are bare, fill them with winter jasmine, snowdrops, crocus or pansies to stand out on even the dreariest winter days.

Good curb appeal shows customers that you care. Follow the tips above to help your commercial property stand out during the winter.