Wednesday, 29 May 2024

3 Practical Ways to Get Your Poetry Published


Every poet’s dream is to have his/her work published. Many outlets are available through which you can have your work published. Take some time to research the market and find out where your poetry will best fit. 

Here are three main steps to get your work published. 

  • Researching the market
  • Submitting your poems
  • Coping with frustrations


  1. Researching the Market

Look into Small Journals

Most established poets began by publishing their work in small journals. Though they don’t pay for work, publishing in smaller presses or journals will get you the much-needed recognition for your work.

Resources such as the Poetry Foundation or Poets and Writers have information or smaller journals. Go for the well known small journals.

Look for Reputable Online Publications

There are many literary journals available online. Look for the outlets that accept poetry. Read their magazines to determine if your work matches their style of presses. 

Read Different Styles of Modern Poetry

Reading various forms of poetry will boost your chances of becoming a published writer. Regular reading of poetry will keep you in the loop regarding the types of poetry that are now popular and relevant. Attend literary readings around your community. Most poets start gaining exposure by reading their work in open mics and coffee houses. 

Subscribe to Literary Journals

Small journals charge a low subscription fee. You will get literary journals a few times a year to help you stay abreast with modern poetry. Also, you will get ideas about what to submit to presses. Literary journals come with reading periods and poetry competitions advertised at the back of the journals. 

  1. Submitting Your Poems

Begin Small

Getting published in a range of small journals will eventually get you recognized. It will also help you craft a good cover letter. Including all the existing publications will increase your chances of getting into bigger journals. 

Carefully Follow the Guidelines

Failure to follow submission guidelines will lead to your publication being tossed out. Whether submitting to journals or poetry competitions, always carefully read the guidelines. 

Check how many poems you can submit. If you submit the poems through regular mail, remember to a self-addressed stamped envelope with your work. 

Submit to Contests

Literary organizations and magazines usually hold poetry competitions for upcoming poets. Contests help expose your work to the world. Enter contests with low entry fees or free poetry contests—some contests publish finalists or high-quality work. You do not have to win to get published. 

  1. Coping with Frustrations

Rejection Is Part of The Game

Always take rejection in stride. Even the established poets were rejected many times in their careers before finally getting accepted. 

Be Resilient

Use setbacks as stepping stones when pursuing publications, never get discouraged. Keep submitting poetry, keep entering free poetry contests until you are successful. 


You have to start somewhere as an emerging poet. You have to put in the work before finding a breakthrough. Nothing good comes easy. But with tenacity, the world’s best will be yours.