Sunday, 21 Apr 2024

3 Questions To Ask Before Hiring an Attorney


Hiring an attorney can be a stressful decision. It’s hard to know who to trust when there are so many available professionals offering their services. The best way to find an attorney is to interview them. By asking these three questions and studying their answers, you’ll be better able to narrow down who is right for your case. 

  1. What Sets You Apart From Other Lawyers?

Whether you need a workers comp attorney or a real estate lawyer, you should ask the legal professional what they can do for your case. Sometimes people feel like they will be lucky to get legal representation, but the truth is that the lawyer is lucky if you hire their services. Ask your prospective lawyer to clearly explain what they can bring to the table that another lawyer can’t. Pay attention to their answers. Do they flatter themselves or talk negatively about others? An attorney who is confident in their skills does not need to belittle other professionals to make themselves stand out. 

  1. How Does Your Pay Structure Work?

Some cases are contingency-based, which means you pay the lawyer only if you win your case. Other lawyers require you to pay a fixed fee or an hourly rate for services provided. Still, others work on retainer only, which means you have to pay a downpayment before the legal team will start your case. Talk to your attorney to see what fee arrangement they require. Make sure you can sustain whatever requirements that attorney has several months past when you think the case will end because legal proceedings are unpredictable. 

  1. What Is Your Success Rate?

Sometimes it can be uncomfortable to ask someone how often they have won at something, but this is a crucial question to ask your lawyer. You need to know if the person you hope to hire has had success with cases like yours. If they haven’t, you need reassurances for why. Steer clear of an attorney who is unwilling to answer these questions.