Monday, 22 Apr 2024

3 Signs You Need to Prune Your Trees

Tree removal Lebanon CT is an important aspect of maintaining a safe property or business. Trees that have been damaged by a storm, have too much growth or have branches over power lines pose a significant risk to people and property around them.

In order to protect people and property from potential harm and maintain a healthy tree, here are 3 signs that you might need to prune your trees.

Storm Damage

Take a good look at all the trees on your property right after a storm, especially if there were significant amounts of wind. This is an extremely dangerous situation and should be handled by a professional.

Splintered and broken limbs with green leaves still on them are clear signs of storm damage and should be removed as soon as possible.

Over Grown Trees

Although trees are naturally very strong plants and rarely fall over or lose large limbs, too much growth on a tree can eventually make it unhealthy and prone to causing damage. This can happen because trees that are planted for landscaping purposes do not have to compete with other trees for light and water as they would in a forest, making their growth rapid and uncontrollable.

Limbs Over Power Lines

Trees with large branches handing over property lines, roofs, or other structures pose a similar risk to overgrown trees. If you keep an eye out for broken branches or stray limbs, you’ll be able to get ahead of the problem before it happens.

Some trees can tend to grow out instead of up, meaning that regular pruning is required in order to encourage proper growth.

In conclusion, the best way to maintain your trees is to keep a constant watch on their health and branches, especially after storms and heavy winds. With these 3 tips in mind, you’ll be able to keep your trees happy and healthy for years to come.