Sunday, 21 Apr 2024

Tips To Keep Raccoons Out of Your Chimney

Have you recently heard something scratching inside your wall and thought your house may be haunted? If so, you may have raccoons living in your chimney! Here are some simple ways to protect your home from these unwanted invaders.

Stop Roof Access

Figure out how the raccoons are getting to your chimney. Do you have trees nearby with branches that overhang your roof? If so, it is time to trim some trees.

Use a Repellent

Loud sounds can sometimes frighten the raccoons to leave, such as a loud radio placed inside your home near the chimney damper. You can try tying a large cloth to a piece of rope and then dousing the cloth with a pungent smell, such as vinegar, ammonia, urine, or commercial raccoon eviction fluid. Lower it down your chimney and tie the other end to something stable on your rooftop. After the raccoons leave, you can pull up the rope and the smell will dissipate.

Cap Your Chimney

Adult raccoons have the ability to climb down inside your chimney to stay warm and then climb back out. During the night while the raccoons are out hunting is an ideal time to set a heavy piece of wood or metal over the opening. The next day, call a company that specializes in chimney caps and dampers Washington DC to install a fitted chimney cap.

Call a Professional

If perchance the raccoons have built a nest and had babies, then you may need some extra help. The babies can’t climb out. If you cap the chimney and trap the youngsters inside, then all kinds of ruckus will be heard. You may want to make a phone call to specialists that can trap or remove the raccoons.

Wait Until Spring

Another option, if the noise isn’t bothering you, is to wait until spring. By then, the babies should be old enough to be weaned and will be able to crawl out of the chimney on their own. Then you can use some of the tips discussed above.

Good luck with your invaders!