Friday, 19 Jul 2024

An overview of AGM deep cycle battery

Looking for ways to get the best performance out of your vehicle or any machinery? The first thing you need to do is get the best battery to serve as its power. Many types of batteries are available in the market, serving different purposes. If you own large vehicles such as boats and RVs, or perhaps you may have operated heavy machinery before, chances are high that you are familiar with an AGM deep cycle battery. If not, continue reading! This article will give you a brief overview of these kinds of batteries.

What is an AGM deep cycle battery?

AGM stands for Absorbent glass mat; the name itself is self-explanatory. It is a type of lead-acid deep cycle battery that is typically designed for extended load times. These batteries use thin fibers woven into glass mats, increasing the surface area. More surface area means more power. This allows the AGM batteries to work the same way a flooded lead acid battery does, except the electrolytes are stored in the glass mats. Unlike ordinary car batteries that provide quick, powerful bursts of discharge to kickstart the engine, these batteries are designed for tasks with more extended applications.

The glass fibers used in these batteries do not absorb electrolytes and are not affected by acid. Moreover, they hold the electrolyte so that it prevents it from spilling out when the battery is tipped over. Hence, these batteries are considered safe for use in situations where the acid from a battery could otherwise spill out and damage electrical parts or even cause damage to the environment. This makes it a very safe option for military and aircraft use. There are many more advantages of AGM batteries. For instance, they are very versatile and come in many shapes and sizes, enabling them to fit a variety of applications. Plus, they offer better cycling performance, and they are maintenance-free.

Applications of AGM batteries

Suppose you are looking for a battery to power a vehicle with numerous electronic features or plug-in accessories. In that case, you should always consider a deep cycle battery utilizing the advanced technology of AGM. These batteries are a premium choice for high-end and advanced fuel-efficient vehicles with enormous power demands and for people who seek more excellent reliability and longer life in auto batteries. They are suitable for various uses, from starting engines, leisure batteries, marine batteries, and deep cell batteries.

AGM batteries are also the most preferred solution for start-stop vehicle technology, which has recently gained immense popularity in the US market. With start-stop vehicle technology, your engine gets shuts off automatically as your vehicle stops, such as at a traffic light or in stop-and-go traffic, and restarts quickly and quietly as soon as you release the brake or press the clutch. Hence, with superior cycling capability and the potential to operate at a low state of charge, AGM batteries are the first choice.

Interesting facts about AGM batteries

  • AGM batteries were developed in the 1980s as a cheaper alternative to the NI-Cad batteries used in naval helicopters and fighter jets. For this reason, these batteries were made spill-proof and vibration resistant.
  • An AGM deep cycle battery is much like flooded lead acid batteries, except that they hold the electrolyte inside a glass mat rather than allowing it to flood the plates freely.
  • All these batteries are built into rectangular cases that meet the BCI battery code specifications. In contrast, the plates in an AGM battery can be of any shape, including flat or round.
  • These batteries are maintenance-free and do not require watering for the life of the battery, unlike their traditional counterparts.
  • Since the electrolyte contained in an AGM can’t leak or corrode, it is safer for the environment and also lasts up to 10 years.

AGM batteries are of different types- standby, cyclic, front access, long life, high rate, and single cell, for different applications. So depending on your specific requirements, you can make your selection, but make sure you buy them from an authorized and reputed dealer.