Sunday, 16 Jun 2024

Essential Tools for Every Household

Whether you’re a master builder or someone with no handy skills whatsoever, you need to have some tools on hand to take care of the most basic repairs that are likely to come up in your home or apartment. The good news is that with just a handful of essential, low-cost items, you can take on more than you realize!


No matter how intimidated you may feel by household projects that require tool repairs, you can almost definitely handle anything that can be solved with a shoulder screws. Just having three or four different sized screwdrivers with regular and Phillips’ heads will allow you to open and dissect lots of common household problem-causers.


Along the same lines, a drill is essential because it can perform so many different functions. You can use it as a screw gun to remove screws that are too strong to be handled manually. You can also take it in the opposite direction and bore holes for fastening or to put screws securely in place. A powerful cordless drill with a rechargeable, detachable battery is one of the best tool purchases you can make.


If you were asked to list a dozen circumstances where a hammer would be useful, you could probably do it very easily. After all, the hammer is perhaps the most simple, common, and versatile tool there is. From pounding nails in, to pulling them out, to working as a lever or crowbar, hammers are needed in every house, apartment, and condo in America.


You may think that you’re all set if you have a hammer for pounding and screwdrivers to tighten and loosen. These tools will get you off to a fine start, but what if you need to pull something small? Or, what if you need to get into a space with an awkward angle? A few sizes of pliers are incredibly helpful in these scenarios. For best results, try a set of adjustable needle-nosed pliers with a vise grip.

Hand Saw

It’s not hard to imagine a situation where you’d need a saw. A simple hand or hack saw that is capable of cutting through wood or metal with a little bit of muscle behind it can do more than you know. Just be sure to get one with a strong handle and a sturdy blade.

You don’t need to have a huge toolbox with every size of tool ready for any occasion. This group should help you handle most projects that are likely to come your way.