Monday, 22 Apr 2024

Few Mistakes To Avoid While Mixing Cocktails

Cocktail drinks have become an integral part of almost every type of party where people gather to enjoy and relax at the end of the day. Starting from a birthday party to a house warming party and baby shower as well, cocktails are everywhere and you simply cannot ignore them.

You just have to hire companies or people that will set up the counter, mix the cocktail, and serve your guests with the same. Your bartender just has to know about the right blend of ingredients and the right type of ingredients that go into making the cocktails unique and special for your guests.

However, there are some vital details that should not be neglected; else the cocktail wouldn’t achieve its unique taste level.

Here’s to making the tastiest cocktails:

  • Many people think that stronger cocktails taste better, but the very basis of cocktails is that they are not meant to be very strong. So you must be observant about the proportion of ingredients to getting that proper balanced taste.
  • Never ignore the importance of ice while mixing cocktails.
  • While muddling all ingredients and herbs one should remember that they should always muddle the harder ingredients vigorously (citrus) while the herbs should be handled delicately.
  • A lot of people forget to garnish the cocktails while serving them. This is not just about the looks and aesthetics; it’s also about rendering the final touch of flavors. Prior to garnishing the cocktail with herbs, you should rub them in your palm so that they release their oils.
  • Bad ice is an equally bad choice for your cocktails. You must be thinking, “what can bad ice, possibly be?” Bad ice is basically the ice that has been in the freezer for too long. These are equally capable of spoiling the taste of your cocktail as the bad ice takes on the tastes and smells of the freezer by the time they are used in the cocktail.
  • Never forget your bitters as they are the ones that transform the taste of your cocktail from average to something excellent. These bitters bring about the much-needed complexity to your drink.

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