Friday, 19 Jul 2024

How To Choose The Best Time To Run?

Be willing and choose a schedule that you will not miss in training. If you do not work in the morning, the practice should be avoided during this period, as the chances of not performing the exercise are great. Opt for comfortable schedules for your routine, so it will be easy to maintain constancy in the race.

Choosing the best time to run requires discipline from the athlete, so before starting or setting the best time, it is good to keep in mind if running is the sports solution to keep your body active. It is useless to want to change habits, but the act of running is not pleasurable. For this, find out if, in your conditions, this activity is the way out.

Regardless of the times to perform the activity, focus on the quality of life and practice, so choose the best time according to your availability and willingness. Only then will race performance and performance emerge.

The Importance Of Warm-Up Exercises Before Running

It has already become clear that warming up the body is a necessity and not an option. In addition to the precautions to exercise and avoid problems, the warm-up has great importance and impact on your health.

When we are at rest and immediately begin physical activity, our body will transition to a greater state of metabolic activity, which will require adjustments in various parts of the body. All of this will happen quickly, as it is a sign that the practice will demand more energy and use it for specific occasions.

So, in addition to doing the warm-up to assist in this process, have a balanced diet to provide the body with the necessary energy to be spent in the sports routine!

What Are The Warm-Up Exercises?

There are two groups for different functionalities; they are the general and the specific exercises. They work together, so the first will warn the organism that it will function actively as a whole (general), while the other will use exercises specific to the modality (specific).

Each has its characteristics and functions for the body, so the warm-up phase must be well observed according to the sport to be practiced.