Friday, 19 Jul 2024

How To Deal With Mold in the Home

Finding mold inside your house is upsetting, but it’s also common. Most people uncover mold in their shower, basement or other damp areas. However, just because it’s not unheard of doesn’t mean it’s safe. Here’s how you should deal with mold if you find it at home.

Find the Source

Mold only occurs in wet conditions, so you must find out why. Mold in a bathroom may be present because of inadequate ventilation. If it’s in the basement, it’s likely you have poor drainage around your foundation. Finding the source of mold will allow you to make repairs before you sustain serious damage.

Get an Inspection

If you’ve discovered mold in your home, your best bet is to seek expert mold testing Portland Oregon to find out exactly what class of species you’re dealing with. If it ends up being toxic, your health could be at risk. Mold causes allergy symptoms, headaches, dizziness and may worsen asthma.

Hire a Professional

With a small localized mold problem, you can put on a mask and gloves and clean the area yourself. Use a reliable mold cleaner or baking soda and water. However, if you’ve got severe mold growth, you’ll need professional remediation to clean carpets, personal items and remove drywall where mold is present.

Prevent Future Problems

After mold has been removed from your home, you need to take action to prevent it from ever coming back. Ensure you have plenty of circulating air by using vent fans and opening windows when possible. Use a dehumidifier to keep your basement dry. If you have a leak anywhere in the roof or in your pipes, get it repaired.

Mold can cause structural damage and serious health problems if not removed. A professional inspection and remediation will ensure the air you’re breathing is healthy for you and your family.