Sunday, 21 Apr 2024

Maintenance Tasks To Perform On Your Business

Commercial properties lose value when they become degraded or worn down. That is why regular maintenance is critical to keep tenants happy and the building’s value solid. From mowing lawns to washing windows, the chores seem to never end. There are some maintenance tasks that are critical, however. Here are four of the most important.


Although general maintenance occurs weekly on most business properties, there are some tasks property managers or contractors do as they accumulate. Loose tiles, broken glass, and damaged drywall need to be repaired monthly, but broken light bulbs must be replaced every day. Fences are critical to security, so if you find a damaged or broken fence, have someone fix it by contacting a team at welding Salem OR.


Sometimes glass breaks and needs to be replaced, but windows can also get clouded as dirt blows around the building and begins clinging. Window cleaners can wash the grime from the glass several times a year, but don’t forget to rinse off the building, too. If water is seen entering the building during a storm, have a contractor fix the window frame immediately.


Commercial building occupants pay for their comfort, and that includes a powerful HVAC unit. Ensuring the heating and cooling units continue to work correctly is essential to that comfort. Change filters bi-annually, clean exhaust fans regularly, and make sure ducts are secure at least once a year.


Your building roof material can age quickly because of the constant barrage of UV rays. As the tiles or asphalt breaks down, leaks can develop. Once water enters the building, dangerous situations can develop in walls, floors, and electrical wiring.

Commercial maintenance is critical in maintaining property value and keeping building occupants happy. Four of the most crucial upkeep tasks are listed above to help you start your list. Staying on top of the tasks can save you money.