Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Pool Maintenance: Easy As 1, 2, 3

From low-impact fitness to summer gatherings, a swimming pool is without a doubt an asset to any backyard. Yet with a great pool comes great responsibility, and there are three key aspects of pools that must be maintained: the liner, the pump and the water.

  1. Read Between the Lines

Knowing what type of liner you have informs much more than your budget; it also indicates the type of maintenance you need to perform to keep your swimming pool and swimmers healthy. One of the best ways to ensure that your pool liner and water are properly cared for is to hire professional assistance to handle pool renovations St Charles County MO.

  1. Pump It Up (and Out)

While they ensure the quality of the water by evenly distributing pool chemicals and routing the water through filtration devices, pool pumps themselves also require maintenance to function properly. It is often recommended that pool pumps should run at least eight to 12 hours a day. Pumps should be backwashed frequently, a process that reverses the usual flow of water and carries dirty water out of the pool.

  1. More Than Just a Hose

While a hose is definitely a great way to fill your pool, it takes more than just filling up the water to keep your pool in top shape. There are several aspects of pool water that need to be maintained, such as the alkalinity, the sanitizer, and the pH.  Routinely shocking your pool can keep many water issues such as algae growth or murkiness at bay. Additionally, be sure to shock after heavy rains or if you’ve had more swimmers than usual. Dropping a tennis ball or two in the skimmer baskets can also help absorb extra oils that tend to gather at the water’s surface.

Maintaining your pool properly keeps it clear and refreshing year-round. Whether you usually perform your own maintenance or rely on professionals, consider scheduling an annual check-up by a pool company just to be safe.