Saturday, 13 Apr 2024

The Role of Friendship in a Marriage

Marriage is a wonderful institution with many benefits for both partners. For instance, it’s fantastic when couples can share physical closeness. However, it serves more as the cherry on top. The cake, on the other hand, must first be baked, with the cake representing emotional closeness.

Emotional intimacy: What is it? Being linked. You are, in essence, friends first and lovers second. Your marriage is likely to fail if you and your spouse are not friends. You can only go so far in a relationship on the basis of physical attraction.

What will be most beneficial to you both when the lights go on, things become challenging, and you both need to buckle down and face life together? Your companionship.

It is impossible to exaggerate the value of friendship in marriage. Consider what it means to be a friend. You open yourself to one another completely; in fact, you eagerly anticipate speaking to one another. You value the little details that make each other unique. You support and uplift one another. That is one amazing friendship!

But doesn’t that also sound like it might make for a wonderful union?

What kind of friendship can you cultivate in your own marriage?

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Continue to Dream Together 

You and your spouse likely discussed your future aspirations when you two first started dating. These aspirations eventually came true when you got married. However, once you become enmeshed in the routine of a family and a job, you frequently stop talking about your aspirations.

Maybe life is just too busy, or maybe you feel like you can’t dream right now because of how demanding it is. Or perhaps you believe there is nothing more to say because your spouse already knows about your dreams. Friends always share dreams. So, even though it has been a while, bring that up with your partner.

Absolute Faith in Your Spouse

Consider your childhood best friend. Have you ever had doubts about their ability to carry out their promises? Or have you ever had doubts about their ability to support you?

Friends have each other’s backs and can trust one another. When one of them says they’re intending to train for a marathon, the other should just believe them and be supportive. This is rather than pointing out how difficult it will be and casting doubt on their sincerity.

Friends encourage, help, and inspire faith. Friends do things like that, right? When did you last do it for your spouse, by the way?

Your partner is quite intelligent. You can rely on them to carefully consider all options and to act in everyone’s best interests. Trust them to act if that is what they want to do. Respect and love them.

Spend Time with Each Other

Friends always find a way to hang out on a regular basis. At least once a week, they hang out and frequently text. They frequently go shopping or attend events together. But on the weekends, they also do special things like attend parties, movies, dinners, or other enjoyable events.

To strengthen that friendship link, do the same with your spouse. If all that is happening is that you share a space, you can’t genuinely connect. You must go out and engage in a joint activity. Make a commitment to doing it once a week; date night should unquestionably be a requirement of marriage.

Your friendship will soon experience a resurgence of sorts. Set a reminder on your calendar and stick to it.

Be Honest and Open

When was the last time you and your partner talked heart to heart? Where can you express your feelings and views about something?

Friends do that. They are comfortable with one another’s vulnerability, speaking their minds, listening to one another, and just generally sharing. They do it frequently and sincerely. Because in those moments, two people can truly feel heard, validated, and connected to one another. That is the genuine definition of emotional closeness and friendship in marriage—to become one whole as a couple rather than just two halves of a whole. You can do that with the aid of solid marriage and friendship.


One of the cornerstones of a happy marriage is friendship. If you think back to when you and your spouse first met, you probably remember that you two grew close as friends before you both experienced romantic attraction. A wonderful and crucial strategy to maintain a relationship’s health and happiness is to keep a friendship from blossoming during a marriage.