Saturday, 13 Apr 2024

What to do if Bedbugs are in the Sofa?

Bed bugs most often live in upholstered furniture, because it is warm, there are many cracks in which you can hide, and there is always access to food – human blood. Parasites bite people during sleep, as there is less risk of being crushed. Where do bedbugs come from in the couch? 

These insects can get into human habitation in several ways:

  • When moving – bedbugs can be brought with you from a house infected with them;
  • Buying things with hands – often they are in books,
  • Household appliances, textiles;
  • Communication with people in whose clothes or bags there are bedbugs;
  • From neighbours – for migration, insects use ventilation ducts, sockets, cracks in the walls and ceiling. 

Be sure to take into account that these insects rarely inhabit only one object in the apartment.

How to understand that bedbugs live in the sofa?

The size of bedbugs is quite significant (up to 8 mm), so they can be seen with the naked eye. The difficulty lies in the fact that at the initial stage there are few individuals and they come out of hiding only at night. However, you can suspect their presence in the house by a number of indirect signs: 

  • Bites on the body – red dots or spots usually itch and cause noticeable discomfort. However, there are people who do not feel at all that they have become the prey of bedbugs;
  • Excrement – they resemble dots left by a black gel pen;
  • Eggs and skins – most often they are mixed with adults and larvae,
  • Smell – it resembles raspberries or almonds and is clearly felt with a significant number of insects;
  • Blood stains on underwear – remain due to bites or from crushed bedbugs. 

Methods of struggle

Most often, parasites inhabit rubber bands, seams, zippers and the lower parts of the frame. Bedbugs do not have wings, so in case of danger they can only escape. Having found bedbugs in furniture, many experience a real shock and strive to get rid of them as soon as possible.

What to do if bedbugs are in the sofa?

Getting rid of them exclusively in upholstered furniture is pointless, since it is usually only one of the habitats. Discovering the rest of the points without the help of professionals can be difficult. Most often, parasites settle under baseboards, in household appliances, carpets, books and crevices in the floor and walls. If you have recently purchased a sofa and are sure that the parasites did not have time to go anywhere from it, you can deal with the destruction of bedbugs only in it. 

  1. Mechanical destruction. You can collect parasites with your hands or use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. In any case, the bedbugs will not die after that, so they will need to be placed in an airtight bag and thrown away. This method is the cheapest, but also the least effective.
  2. Heat treatment. The sofa can be easily moved from place to place. To destroy bedbugs is quite simple if you put furniture on the street at a temperature below -18 and above +50 ° C. A couple of days is enough for bed bug removal Some decide to pour boiling water on the sofa, but for a new thing this method is unacceptable, since the upholstery and filler may suffer. In addition, the furniture will take a long time to dry.
  3. The use of chemicals. In retail outlets today you can find a lot of compositions for baiting bedbugs. Unfortunately, many of them are not effective enough and at the same time toxic to humans and animals. Encapsulation helps to enhance the effect of drugs – placing the sofa in a dense cover with a zipper.
  4. Use of steam or hot air. You can try to treat in this way the places inaccessible to the vacuum cleaner: various folds, fasteners and seams. The fact is that it is in the cramped alkalis that bedbugs lay eggs, from which the younger generation of parasites is subsequently derived. At a temperature of +100 ° C, insects die within 3-5 seconds. However, it is very difficult to cope with such a task without professional tools on your own, so experts recommend using the help of pest control services Singapore
  5. Folk remedies do not have proven effectiveness. If you use strong compounds, for example, turpentine, then the sofa can be hopelessly damaged. Bed Bug Removal Company provides services for the destruction of bedbugs using innovative methods and provides a guarantee for them.