Wednesday, 29 May 2024


A lot of reports have it that several countries are having bad yields of their various agro plants which are planted in a bad environment or a good one before now but are now not reachable lands. Things may already be getting worse this year due to the ongoing war in Ukraine as they are a significant grain exposer. To take a lot of this pressure away, the world needs to think outside the box. However, there are lots of ways to go we have to appreciate every little effort made to improve the situation such as some significant innovations in soils as they can make lots of yields. Another innovation that has been with us for a while is the greenhouse which deals with growing plants in a specifically developed house for plants. All these are good but with our plant containers from Hc added to this mix, a lot more can be done.

The major advantage that comes with our plant containers is the drainage that comes with them, whatever kind of plant is being planted be it for cannabis, greenhouse or any of the many others we make such with different shapes and sizes. This is done to meet the need of such plants with this process the plant is comfortable and able to have excess water removed from the container thereby preventing the occurrence of overwatering this makes the plant to be very strong.

There can never be a disadvantage to having a well-produced plant container, especially one made by us at Hc from our various production centres in America and Canada. A lot of new technologies are applied in other to meet the modern-day needs of any planter or would-be planter experts or newbies we ensure that all that is needed by our clients are made for their plants. We make them in various colours added to all manners of shapes depending on the type of plant that they would be used for. All these are made to better protect all the plants our containers are used on especially the roots of all the plants with all our applications which are available in our containers. Plants have a high chance of having rich nutrients plants right from the roots due to our drainages in the containers.