Monday, 22 Apr 2024

Interior Design Expectations: You may Know All Now

You’ve been living in your home for a few years now and you would like to make some changes to your interior, know that there are plenty of solutions.

However, if you’re the type of person who isn’t quite sure what you want or even what colors can easily go together, a little push can’t hurt.

Yes, many professionals (interior designer, decorator, etc.) can assist you in your home makeover project. However, it’s up to you to choose the right one that provides good condo interior design.

Interior designer or decorator?

If you’ve decided to seek professional advice to breathe fresh air into your home, you’re probably going to be wondering who to trust. Is it better to favor an interior designer or an interior designer?

  • Yes, contrary to what the general public thinks, there is a fundamental difference between an interior designer and a decorator, the diploma.
  • If everyone can claim the status of decorator for little to have good taste and a little patter, the profession of interior designer is regulated and only graduates can use this name in the exercise of their profession.

In the field, the difference in skills will also be clearly visible since a decorator will most often be satisfied with modifying the existing one while the interior designer will have a real eye allowing him to project himself into the premises. He will therefore not hesitate to propose redevelopments aimed at optimizing the space.

Why seek an interior designer?

Whenever you have a renovation project or if you want to change things in your home, the interior designer can be a precious ally.

  • It is indeed possible to entrust him with a large number of missions and in all of them he should shine as his skills are vast. However, here are some ideas for issues to submit:
  • Restructuring the space in your home because over the course of a lifetime, needs change and tastes and desires evolve, the structure of a home may have to be modified.
  • Also, whether it is to create an additional bedroom, to enlarge the living room or even to change the destination of a room, he will be the right interlocutor.
  • Optimization of space in your home because there always comes a time when you start to feel cramped at home, this professional is able to help you better allocate the space.

Without touching the supporting structure of the property, he will be able to offer you, via 2D and 3D plans that he has previously designed, solutions to save space  : additional and tailor-made storage, mezzanine, kitchen open to the living room , modification of the volume of certain rooms, etc …

The decoration of your interior

If you only want to improve your comfort by modifying the atmosphere of the living room of your home, he will also be the ideal partner.

  • Yes, whether in private homes, in museums, in hotels or even in certain luxury boutiques, this expert can intervene and compose the interior corresponding to the expectations of his customers. Style, atmosphere, colors, furniture and even technologies to integrate into the space could be all aspects that he will be able to integrate into his thinking.

It must be said that an interior designer knows perfectly how to work with color harmonies, play with volumes and lighting, but also take into account the technical, regulatory and budgetary constraints inherent in the project. To put it simply, he has a real global vision of the projects submitted to him.